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Coriander vs Heart Ring

Jakarta (WWT) - This is my uncle's experience, when he was sentenced to install a "Heart Ring" at the Pelamonia Hospital, which was handled by a cardiologist Dr. Hafidz.

But my uncle asked for time to think first

Once, my uncle met his friend, who works as a pharmacist in Jakarta, and he delivered the verdict from the cardiologist.

My uncle's friend suggested that my uncle should consume "coriander" which is widely sold in traditional markets.

Thank God, after 3 months of consuming coriander, my uncle returned to consult the cardiologist.

From the results of the inspection, it shows that the blockage has been cleared.

Based on his experience, my uncle always conveys this advice, if there is a family gathering, and hopefully this concoction is safe for consumption for all ages.

How to consume Coriander
Pour coriander 1 or 2 teaspoons, then brewed with hot water.

After about 15 to 20 minutes, the coriander can be strained, and the water is drinkable.

My uncle drinks it every morning

Praise be to God, I have also been consuming it for a month (started last January)

Usually early in the morning, sometimes I still yawn a lot, but after consuming coriander, I no longer yawn

According to my uncle, coriander helps block cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Hopefully this information is suitable and useful

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Source: Sate Jawa (Copy Paste from WA Network)

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